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Some new important links

A Study on Coplanar a-Si:H Thin Film Transistors
Links on TFT LCDs
Indian finance and business links
General finance and economic information
Investor learning
Important financial information
Journal of Applied Physics
Startups Inc.
H1B Sponsors
Physical Review Online Archive
Semiconductor Advances for Future Electronics
A Tutorial for Virtuoso Layout Designs
Guided Java Project in Software Systems
Supporting Material for the CAD Tools
Physics and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices (PDF)
PSPICE Users Guide
Design Resources (by Cypress Semiconductors)
Research in Analog IC Design (UC Berkeley)
Introduction to device modeling and circuit simulation
Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits (Selected online papers-UC Berkeley)
IBM journal of R&D
Links to Shareware VLSI CAD/CAE Software
AT&T Research Resources
Tutorials on C, JAVA, Verilog, PERL etc...
Advanced VLSI Computer Architecture (Readings and Other Resources from MIT)
OPENCORES.ORG - designs, cores, tools, documentation on several projects
Online Research Publications (Stanford University)
The Free-IP Project (ASIC and FPGA Cores for the Masses)
Web Links on Verilog HDL
Source of free Verilog / VHDL IPs
Synthesizable VHDL Models
RF Cafe
RF Microwave Tools
Placement Papers
Canadian phone directory online
Ashish Bansal's Home Page
The Government of Canada (Home Page)
Online Theses, Presentations and Publications (UC Berkeley)
Principles of Semiconductor Devices
Resources for the industry (by Sematech)
Axiom Homepage (Search research papers)
IEEE Xplore
Lyrics Library
Planet Analog
ICCAD 2000 (Online papers in pdf)
WDM Optical Network Group
Jobs in Analog and Mixed Signal
Manoj Sinha's Home Page
Digital Logic Synthesis Using Synopsys and Xilinx
VLSI Testing, Verification and Synthesis Lab (UCSB)
DAC Proceedings Archive Page (Online papers in pdf)
US Small Business Administration Home Page
Online Small Business Workshop (Canada)
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Timing Models for MOS Circuits (PhD Thesis in pdf)